Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tr-Cities Fever Football Game


If you haven't ever been to an indoor arena football game, it is super fun! Some consider it the minor leagues of the NFL, others consider it a different kind of sport like Canadian Football, but I (Clark) think it is fantastic!!

This Memorial Day weekend we are visiting the Laura's family in Kennewick, WA. Along with Richland and Pasco, it makes up the Tri-Cities.

The Tri-Cities Fever beat the Fairbanks Grizzlies 50-21. This was my first indoor arena game and some of the most notable differences: padded walls, hockey checks over the walls, multiple players in motion, only 8 players, 25yd line is mid-field, unsportsmanlike conduct not called for dancing to the surround sound music...

During the game, I noticed a player (new to the team) last name Mulitalo. His name is Cyrus, cousin to some family friends we had in Maryland. It was fun to talk with him after the game, he just signed with the Tri-Cities Fever and this was his first game. He did a fantastic job on defense and took home Defensive Player of the Game.
I wish I had a picture of this, but at half time they had a fund raiser for a local dance team. For $5 you could throw 6 baseball size soft golf balls at empty garbage cans on the middle of the field. If your marked ball went in the can you could win a 19 inch LCD TV. There was a barrage of golf balls from around the arena and my last ball hit its mark and went in the garbage can. Our section went wild! I was a little disappointed that 5 other people (out of a few hundred balls) also hit the garbage can and they only picked one of the balls - and it was not mine. Oh well! It was super fun, high scoring and our team won...can't wait to do it again.