Sunday, October 12, 2008


We just returned from our fun family vacation at DisneyWorld! We stayed at a DisneyWorld resort and spent 9 days going to the Disney waterparks, Animal Kindom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. We had such a fun time it was really hard to come home!
We had a fun time going on all the rides and Splash Mountain was Isabelle and Kate's favorite, they could ride that over and over. Natalie and I were somewhat limited when it came to rides. Pregnant women and kids under 35 inches can't go on most of the big rides but we still had lots of fun ( I did go on few of the milder rides that said no pregnant women allowed. Clark was waiting for some brave Disney worker to ask if I was pregnant and kick me off, but no one did!) Natalie loved the Small World ride. I love going on Small World with the girls because even though I think it's very simple and somewhat cheesey they love it and it is so fun to see them oooh and aahh over all the dolls and watch them with wonder and excitement.
When we booked our vacation Disney gave us the dining plan for free which meant that we could eat anywhere in the park for free! We did lots of character meals; we ate breakfast with Cinderella at her castle and we went to a storybook princess breakfast where we met most of the princesses. We also had a couple of meals with Mickey. By the end of the trip we were really glad that we didn't have to pay for our food because the girls hardly ate a thing! They were so into the characters at every meal that they didn't bother to eat. I would have been pretty upset if I had paid $25 a plate and those plates were hardly touched!
We planned our trip with our good friends the Clauser family which was lots of fun. We had all of our meals with them and we would meet up at the parks every now and then and go on rides together. We love having the Clausers as our travel buddies! My sister Cherie also came and joined us for the last couple of days we were at DisneyWorld. The girls loved taking Aunt Cherie on all their favorite rides.
We really enjoyed the Disney waterparks! It was great to be in sunny, warm Florida and we spent lots of time at our hotel pool and at the waterparks. Isabelle and Kate loved the wave pool, that is where they spent most of their time along with Clark. Natalie loved the water slides so I took Natalie on the water slides over and over again. We also spent some quality time in the lazy river.
We had such a fun time it was really hard to come home and get back into real life, but we're already planning our next trip to DisneyWorld!

Aunt Cherie joined us for a couple of days

The Clausers and the Hartleys

At the end of a fun filled day at the Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's a ............

So we had our ultrasound yesterday and found out that we are having a boy!!!! It's a miracle!! We had them go back and check numerous times just to make sure, but it is a boy and we have lots of ultrasound pictures to prove it. We are super excited! Clark is already busy picking out the perfect name (he thinks he gets to name this one because it's a boy). The girls are excited about having a brother, Isabelle was super excited, Kate was kind of mad..she wanted a sister (I reminded her that she had 2 sisters already)but she's excited now, and Natalie really doesn't care yet.
So, that's our big news! We just got back from DisneyWorld so we'll be posting lots of pictures soon!