Sunday, May 17, 2009's May! Sorry! Blame FACEBOOK.

Mothers Day - Laura was pampered on Mothers Day. Highlights included a 2 hour nap, dinner and a movie (Sleepless in Seattle). The girls each gave her a gift and a card. Laura got some "bling" from Isabelle, a potted flower from Kate and a chocolate bar from Natalie. Ethan and Clark gave her a new set of scripures (with her married name).

Picnic - We live by a very cool park. There are trails, kids play areas and a lake. We took Grandama & Grandpa Jones and Hartley for a picnic. The wind was a little cold (in the shade) but the weather was otherwise beautiful. The girls loved watching people fish.

Baby Blessing Sunday - The Hartley's and Jones's made the trek to Seattle for Ethans baby blessing. He was a very happy and cooperative boy the whole time. Wearing his white tux, Ethan was quite the ladies man! (Don't ask about the bonet Clark confiscated and threw away never to be spoken of again!)

Sorry for the delay in updates...we have been enjoying Facebook.

Clark, Laura + Kids


Phannie said...

glad to finally see that ya'll are having fun. I missed seeing what ya'll were up to. Love ya bunches

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Isn't it fabulous to finally have some sun?!! We are absolutely LOVING it!!

Steven Jones said...

It's been almost 3 months! It's time for an update. I'm sure you have lots of time to work on the computer! :-)